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Rendering by HISM, Commended Entry in the 2020 One Rendering Challenge

Judging Criteria

The judging process for the One Rendering Challenge is designed to reflect the multi-faceted qualities of architectural renderings. Our outstanding cast of jurors will be asked to select winning entries based on their communicative and aesthetic qualities, as well as their impact and ability to “go viral” on social media and beyond. Entries that stand out in one or more of the following categories stand a great chance of being a Winner.

The Jury will evaluate renderings based on the following criteria:


Unlike a piece of art, the most important quality of an architectural rendering is its ability to communicate the design intent behind an architectural proposal. Further to this, a good rendering can tell the story of a building and those that might inhabit it in a single snapshot. The image can communicate many different things and focus on one or more of the following aspects: Spatial layout, technical details, materials, connections between architectural elements, relationship to context, the transition between spaces, and more.


A beautiful rendering is undeniably appealing, but at their best, the aesthetics of a rendering are about more than just beauty. They convey the essence of the architecture they are portraying, the atmosphere or emotional power of a space, and a strong sense of place. A well considered rendering can portray a specific architectural language that speaks to the author’s wider design philosophy. Aesthetics may also concern the portrayal of an untidy, chaotic or even “ugly” brand of architecture to paint a compelling picture of certain environments.


When communication and aesthetics are perfectly combined, they can produce an impactful image that is eagerly shared among a huge design-oriented community. Virality is not an exact science, but Instagram experts understand the bold qualities that make an image memorable and shareable. The ingredients of an impactful architectural rendering include but are not limited to: Bold geometry, unusual angles, rich color combinations, sharp contrasts, rhythmic patterns and strong legibility.

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