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Send Us a Rendering. Tell Us a Story. Win $2,500.

Register for the 3rd Annual One Rendering Challenge to be informed when the competition opens for entries:

If you have any questions, please email us at competitions@architizer.com.


Renderings spark the imagination like nothing else in architecture. With the help of extraordinarily powerful software, visualizations form a magic bridge, taking us from drawings to completed buildings in a heartbeat. These days, almost any designer can create a rendering with an incredible degree of photorealism.

So, what next?

Nowadays, a rendering has to be more than just eye candy — it needs to tell a story about architecture, helping people envision not just what a building will look like, but how it will feel to gaze up at, live alongside and stand within. What atmosphere and emotion can you conjure with a single rendering?

This is the One Rendering Challenge:

Can you create a single rendering that tells a compelling story about architecture and its inhabitants?

Select 1st Annual One Rendering Challenge Winners and Commended Entries, clockwise from top left: “The Vent” by Dennis Allain (Dennis Allain ADI); “Zoom to the Future” by Carlotta Cominetti, Tamás Fischer and Camelia Ezzaouini (Virginlemon, Non-Student Winner); “Lifting Longyearbyen” by Brandon Bergem (University of Toronto, Student Winner); “Deadline” by Erik Peter (Pixelateit)


2 Grand Prize Winners (1 Student and 1 Non-Student):

$2,500 cash prize
12 month V-Ray license for your choice of software, courtesy of Chaos Group
Exclusive Interview on Architizer Journal
Publication in Winners' Announcement
Promotion to 4M+ on Architizer's Social Media Channels

10 Commended Entries:

6 month V-Ray license for your choice of software, courtesy of Chaos Group
Publication in Winners' Announcement
Promotion to 4M+ on Architizer's Social Media Channels

100 Finalists:

Publication on Architizer Journal
Promotion to 4M+ on Architizer's Social Media Channels

Competition Brief

Create one rendering that powerfully communicates an architectural form or space and the experience of those that would inhabit it. It can be located anywhere in the world and be at any scale. It can take the form of a perspective, parallel projection, section, abstract or any other image format. As long as it is a computer generated visualization that portrays part or all of a building or group of buildings, it is eligible. This should be accompanied by a short description of your proposal, no more than 150 words.


The One Rendering Challenge Jury comprises practitioners and thought leaders from the worlds of architecture and visualization, each with a special connection to the art of rendering. The jury represents those leaders who are actively bringing architectural ideas to the public today, both online and in the built environment. Selected jurors are as follows:

Deadlines and Entry Fees

Competition Launch: June 30th, 2020

Early Bird: Enter before midnight ET Friday, November 13th, 2020: Students $35 | Non-Students $50

Regular: Enter before midnight ET Friday, December 4th, 2020: Students $45 | Non-Students $65

Late: Enter before midnight ET Friday, December 18th, 2020: Students $55 | Non-Students $75

Get Your Work on the Global Stage

The One Rendering Challenge lives at Architizer.com, the largest online community of architects on the planet, with an audience 5+ million strong. Shortlisted drawings, as well as two Winners, will be featured on Architizer.com and in the “One Rendering” ebook, to be shared with millions on social media and distributed to Architizer’s 200,000 weekly email subscribers.

Select 1st Annual One Rendering Challenge Commended Entries, clockwise from top left: “The First Day of Spring” by Maciej Józefiak and RafaƂ Stachowicz (AESDE); “Electric Rain” by Vittorio Bonapace (Vittorio Bonapace Studio); “Orchard Jenga – Start of the Night Shift” by Duy Phan (Monash University); “Dog, Bird and Man” by Toni Schade (sonaar)

Competition FAQs

Check out the FAQ section for common questions about the competition. If you don't find the answer to your question there, please email us at competitions@architizer.com and we'll be glad to help.

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